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Most modern windows come with Low E thermal glass with argon gas filled center space, to meet today’s Energy Star requirements, and are much more energy efficient
than older sealed units and single glazed systems.

Vinyl windows, wood windows and aluminum windows are the 3 choices for homeowners when shopping for windows. In recent years vinyl has far outpaced the wood and aluminum counterparts.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are extremely long lasting, look great and provide an excellent thermal break without sweating.

Wood Windows

Wood windows have that classic look that some high-end homeowners prefer. The big advantage of wood windows is that they can be stained. A properly installed and regularly maintained wood window can provide years of quality enjoyment.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are slightly stronger than vinyl and can accommodate larger glass areas but must be thermally broken to avoid sweating.

One of the biggest and most popular advantages of vinyl windows over wood or aluminum is the affordability. When properly installed, a good quality window will provide many years of comfort and peace of mind without breaking the bank.