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One of the best ways to bring the suns light and warmth into your home is with skylights. Bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, hallways and attics are likely places where skylights can provide natural light and ventilation that will open up and brighten a room.

We are proud to have be associated with Velux Skylights and Roof Windows, the world leader in Deck Mount and Curb Mount Skylights. The quality and performance that comes from the Velux line has stood the test of time like no other! Innovations in every product line, from the signature Deck Mount skylight to Curb Mount skylights, Sun Tunnels and now the VMS Modular Skylight system adds another dimension to size and wow factor to your home or business! Velux is also the only manufacturer of the Velux Leak-proof flashing system, which gives homeowners that extra piece of mind!


Skylights come in several types of applications, Fixed non opening, manual venting, and hard wired or solar powered electric venting with remote control and rain sensor! Fixed units are used where only natural daylight is wanted. Venting units are used when fresh air is wanted and or exhausting of hot or moist air is needed.

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are an excellent affordable way to get natural light into areas where it is difficult to place a skylight. Hallways, walk in closets and areas where there is little or no natural light benefit from the sun tunnels attractive and functional design.